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Possible configurations for your Two-Factor Authentication Plugin

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Two login

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Option 1: Two-Step Authentication with both a password and username and a subsequent SecSig ID Two-Factor Authentication Option 2: Default Two-Factor Authentication login without an additional password on the website. You decide if you prefer the traditional secure SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) without additional password or the additional Two-Step Authentication with SecSign ID and additional user name/password authentication.

The SecSign ID 2FA is possible both as a alone-standing authentication procedure (true 2FA) or in addition to the traditional user name/password login (Two-Step Authentication). For the two-step authentication the user is requested to authenticate with the 2FA after a successful user name/password authentication.

2FA Rollout

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Completely customizable and friction-free user enrollment to conveniently get all users and customers on board: user- or administrator-based with options for automatic enrollment, self-enrollment or individual administrative enrollment. Easy to use even for non-professionals.

Rollout can be user-centric with self-managed enrollment linking the old user to the new 2FA user automatically during their next login. After successfully logging in with their user name and password they are prompted to provide their previously generated SecSign ID, which automatically activates the 2FA for them. Or enrollment can be completely administrator based, with manual enrollment or automatic bulk enrollment by linking your Active Directory.

IPSafeZone: decide when 2FA is necessary

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Your users need to authenticate with 2FA outside of the company but only need to provide a password for authentication at their workplace (e.g. in order to allow access within the company network a password is required. However, all external access must login by using a 2FA).

Based on the IP range it is determined if a user is within a safe range or not, for example an office. If he logs in from for example home or on the go, additional 2FA is required to prevent unauthorized access. This feature can be set up conveniently in the administrator panel.


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With the custom SecSign ID app for better user-based self-control.

Users can self-manage their login sessions, for example by remotely logging out of the session without immediate access to their work laptop.A handy feature to verify valid sessions and close them, for example after logging off the work computer.

Predefinition of the user name (ID) by the administrator

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For example existing Atlassian user name or corporate ID/Email address.

To simplify the rollout and user experience the administrator can predefine a certain format for the SecSign ID, for example a corporate Email address or the previously used login usernames.

Deployment of the server:
As simple as an Atlassian Server

Deployment Options for the Two-Factor Authentication Server

Choose the option that best fits your needs or simply set it up just like your Atlassian server

Offer your customers the brand they trust: You!
Maximum brand recognition with your custom ID app

(In combination with the on-premise server setup)

We offer several options to integrate your corporate design: from maximum brand recognition with your corporate design to a simple company reference (for example your logo).

The 2FA that perfectly harmonizes with Atlassian services. Simply install one of our SecSign ID plugins (JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, Bitbucket, Bamboo, or other), download the SecSign ID app and your environment is protected. No need for complex programming or complicated integrations.

The Next Generation of Enterprise Security

Download the SecSign ID Atlassian Plugins and the SecSign ID App to protect your access points.

Completely customizable solutions to meet your requirements and your users demands.

Get started now!

Download the SecSignID App for iOS, Android, Mac OSX or Windows 10

Simplicity and Security combined for the Best User Experience and Data Protection – no Compromises

Why choose SecSign ID?

Combining the best security with usability- no need for compromises

Protection of the mobile device - Strongest elliptic curve PKI cryptography
Communication security
New phone? Easy transfer of your two-factor authentication account to your new device by using our restore function
Device security to enforce updates and key exchanges for weak systems
Device binding - Distinct user device recognition
Identification and control of connected devices
Same ID on different devices
Access control
Manage customer rights

Sit back and relax. You can trust us

SecSign is an innovator of public-key infrastructures for authentication and solutions for digital signatures. We have been working with government agencies, major organizations and small-scale companies for more than 18 years. Our cryptography and methodology was perfected by years of development and industry-leading expertise.

Ready-to-use plugins

Secsign ID offers numerous ready-to-use plugins and interfaces for immediate integration. Protect your data today!
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Protect all Confluence users by adding the convenient protection with SecSign ID. You decide which user or user groups need protection with 2FA. You linked your Confluence user management with Jira or are using a REST interface? Our solutions are built for these scenarios, too (see below).


Read the documentation

Protect all JIRA users by adding the convenient protection with the SecSign ID. No need to compromise between security and usability. Dashboard Login, Servicedesk Login, Datacenter and more. You decide which user or user groups need protection with 2FA. You want 2FA for administrator logins but not for your Service Desk users? No problem: Choose between 2FA for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Jira Datacenter oder Jira Cloud. Please refer to SAML for those scenarios.


Read the documentation

Use the Crowd setup with your Active Directory for an unbelievable easy 2FA rollout for your users.
Centrally manage your users, authentication and login protection. Customized 2FA requirements, setup and rules. Connect your local self-hosted user directory


Read the documentation

Protect all Bitbucket users by adding the convenient protection with SecSign ID. No need to compromise between security and usability.


Read the Documentation

Protect all Bamboo users by adding the convenient protection with SecSign ID. No need to compromise between security and usability.


Read the Documentation

Use your Active Directory Federation Service with the SecSign ID 2FA for a secure and comfortable Login. Build you own Identity and Access Management System that is protected against even the most complex threats. Manage your users centrally by connecting your local self-hosted user management system all while protecting your logins. Individual 2FA requirements, setup and rules.


Read the documentation

For Atlassian service logins (Jira, Confluence or other) in the cloud or self-hosted with only the corporate Email address and SecSign 2FA. Offers the advantage of locally and centrally managing your users without registering them in the Atlassian system, which makes for an easy rollout.


Read the documentation

Protect your oAuth environment with our special oAuth2 and open ID connect addons.


Read the documentation

Are you using the REST API for a program (native or for example Confluence) to access your Jira installation? We offer tailored interfaces and custom solutions.


Read the documentation

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Your options for Single-Sign-On convenience

We offer Single-Sign On (SSO) convenience for any Atlassian setup

SecSign SSO: Single Sign-On sounds like a good idea, but you need more?

With the SecSign ID SSO you can conveniently and securely log in to all your connected services with just one simple and secure authentication.

Convenient and simple logins for your users, next-level user management and endpoint monitoring for you and the best security for all your data.

Atlassian Crowd

Combine the convenience of Atlassian Crowd SSO and the security of SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication for all logins under Crowd, including intranet, public websites and Atlassian services in your Identity Management System (IDM). The user is automatically logged into all connected services with one secure authentication. You can connect your Active Directory for your convenience and manage all users centrally.

SecSign ID Atlassian setup

Security doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply download the SecSign ID App and the SecSign ID Plugin for your setup. No need for complicated programming or integrations.

Try the simple and convenient integration:


Download the SecSign ID App from the App Store (iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Windows 10).


Download the default plugin for JIRA from the Atlassian Marketplace.


Navigate to the user management settings in the JIRA installation and select users. Alternatively, navigate to SecSign ID settings and select users.


Select the user you want to add to the 2FA. Add his SecSign ID to the text box.
The SecSign ID is the user name that can be selected in the SecSign ID app upon the first launch.


You can now login with secure Two-Factor Authentication

After completing this step the user is required to authenticate with 2FA starting with his next login.
He confirms the login with the access pass on his mobile phone in the SecSign ID app and he is successfully and securely authenticated with 2FA.

More information about possible configuration settings are available in our documentation.


Straightforward Rollout Options for Complex Setups

No matter your setup, with the SecSign ID the Two-Factor Authentication rollout for your users is as easy as it can be. From administrator-less enrollment to automatic bulk rollout or customized solutions: We have the perfect setups ready for you.

Do you want to use our 2FA for other services?

We have plugins and APIs for almost every service, for example:

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