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About SecSign Technologies

SecSign Technologies Inc., located in Henderson, NV, is a sister company of SecCommerce GmbH of Hamburg, Germany.

SecSign Technologies delivers user authentication, messaging, file sharing, and file storage with next generation security for company networks, websites, platforms, and devices. Using advanced cryptography, SecSign eliminates passwords, simplifies authentication, and provides messaging and file data solutions that make it virtually impossible for hackers to compromise accounts or access sensitive information.

18 years

Security solutions


Founded in 1998, we put our heart and soul into developing security software to provide our customers and their users with the highest level of security.

SecCommerce was one of the first companies in the world to guarantee security for data archiving and communication for large insurance companies, banks, and national institutions by using electronic signature components.

Government agencies and social insurance agencies, which must follow strict guidelines and meet high standards of security and privacy, rely on our solutions every day to provide maximum protection for sensitive data.

Present & Future

For 18 years, our software solutions have been used millions of times to secure long-term archiving, communication, and access to online portals. Along the way, we have continued to earn the trust of public and private institutions that value our experience and expertise. SecCommerce’s software solutions provide accessible software keys and smart card technology for portal, workflow and archiving needs. Our products offer and connect existing “Public Key Infrastructures” (PKI) and ensure timely implementation for customers in private industry and the public sector.

But the benefits resulting from our know-how are not limited to national institutions or major corporations. SecSign Technologies Inc. represents our effort to extend our expertise and make it readily available to organizations and institutions of all types and sizes, and even for individual users.

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