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Two-Factor Authentication for Business

Eliminate Passwords and Password Theft

The strongest Two-Factor Authentication available on the market. Maximum Security for User Accounts and Sensitive Business Data. SecSign ID protects your Business from phishing, malware, brute force attacks, password thefts, and hacking, with effortless usability. Easy integration in existing management systems or fully customizable complete identity management system for your business requirements.
Don’t just protect your online-logins, protect every part of your identity and access management system.

Two-Factor Authentication On-premise

The only corporate solution available on the market with a full on-premise deployment 100% under your control. More information about our on-premise solutions.

Cloud-based and scalable

Deploy Two-Factor Authentication and the advanced cryptography of SecSign ID and use the SecSign ID Cloud Server for free.

Your own Identity and Access Management Server

Flexible and strong user security at all levels designed to fit the most complex corporate requirements

SecSign is an innovator of Two-Factor Authentication. We have been working with government agencies, major organizations and small-scale companies for over 18 years. Our cryptography and methodology was perfected by years of development and industry-leading expertise.

Built for Business

We’ve been working with companies for decades and we know: You don’t need a solution that defines the requirements, you define them. We help keeping administrative costs low and satisfaction high. With our intuitive solutions for your company workflow.

Improve the workflow without interrupting it: Easy rollout for small, medium and big companies. We offer turnkey-ready setups. One klick and your company is safe from unauthorized access. We take care of the details so you can concentrate on the important stuff.

User import as easy as it can be: Don’t worry about user compliance by simply linking your user management system to keep all your data on your on-premise server. Or use our easy user import from your user management system.

We offer convenient APIs for your system and intuitive import instructions. Maximum security and convenience – no compromises needed.

Get everyone on board – based on your requirements and needs. Easy self-enrollment for users with your specifications. You want your users to use their company ID? It’s your decision.

Your user management system for all your needs. No more inconsistency for user authentication: unite your ID systems in our SecSign Server or add it at additional safeguard. Keep control of possible security threads: Mandatory updates for old operating systems, administrative assignment of IDs, access documentation, automatic key exchange and validation and customized Two-Factor Authentication when necessary. Your system is only as secure as the weakest unit.

Truly secure login authentication for every single access point with your company ID for each user -online and local, mobile and in your company app. Legally binding signatures, encrypted file sharing and messaging. The universal solution for all your security needs, with SecSign.

Key factors of SecSign ID for Business

You decide and define the login rights of your users (do they have to use a 2FA in all cases, etc.). Integrate the Two-Factor Authentication apps functionality into your own app with your own design to secure your website logins and app logins


Powerful user security across your enterprise with Two-Factor Authentication for networks, websites, platforms, and devices, not only for online logins. Your data is protected with advanced and state of the art encryption, including but not limited to TEE, 2048 bit encryption, ECC keys, and many more.


Easy integration, easy to use, no compromise. No need for hardware, infrastructure, tokens or passwords. Push notifications for each login, quick and easy mobile authentication. No credentials stored on a server, easy and fast implementation.


Build your own Trust center. You keep complete control over your on-premise server. Protection
for all your logins, for collaborations and customers.

Overall protection

Next generation authentication – no smartphone necessary. With Two-Factor Authentication for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone. No smartphone required!Using next generation Two-Factor Authentication adapts to your requirements, not the other way around.

Highly Customizable

White Label 2FA or Corporate 2FA – Integration of Multi-Factor Authentication into custom apps (SDK).Easy integration in existing apps. Upgrade your app to enable secure 2FA for any login.

Restoration code and backup ID

On all devices (no matter if smartphone or Desktop PC). A significant benefit if you lost one of your devices or someone stole it. Easy restoration without additional administration costs.

True PDF online signature

Send, track and manage signed documents from anywhere. Legally binding signatures, user friendly and secured by two-factor authentication.

On-premise or cloud solutions

Scalable services for organizations, websites, or individuals. Several solutions available to operate your own authentication server, for a much higher security level.

Your credentials are truly secure

The only solution on the market that does neither transmit nor store confidential credentials on a server.

Private Key Generation and Encryption

SecSign ID authentication sessions are protected with advanced and state of the art encryption, including but not limited to TEE, 2048 bit encryption, ECC keys, and many more.

SafeKey Mechanism for Brute Force Protection

Even if an user’s mobile device is stolen, our patented SafeKey mechanism protects the user’s private key from being compromised and thwarts brute-force attacks.

Server Protection and Redundancy

Our remote, redundant failover servers and replications ensure that authentication is available 24/7, for both cloud and on-premise solutions.


Employ the ready-to-use SecSign ID app from the app store: No need to deal with server decisions or design decisions.
Or upgrade your brand recognition with a customized authentication experience for your user.
We offer several options to integrate your corporate design: from maximum brand recognition to simple company reference.

Your customized app

No need to hire out: We build your Two-Factor Authentication app in your corporate design based on your vision- maximum brand recognition for your customers. Our app developers offer quality work realizing your ideas. For use with your on-premise SecSign ID server.
Maximize user compliance and reduce expenses with customized onboarding and self enrollment.

Integration of the SecSign ID

We offer simple SDKs to integrate the SecSign ID in existing apps. The customization options are almost unlimited, from minimal branding to complete brand recognition.
No need for to confuse your users with two separate apps: Two-Factor Authentication can readily be integrated in your company app for an easy one-step-login.
Maximize user compliance and reduce expenses with customized onboarding and self enrollment.

Our design – your logo

The SecSign ID app stays as is but displays your logo – Simple and fast brand recognition.
Our app can communicate with various on-premise server. No need to worry about implementation, simply use your existing on-premise server with the ready-made app from the app store. Easiest setup for your convenience.

We can make your work more comfortable

We got them all: Smart Card, Smart Phone, Smart Watch or Desktop Clients…Authentication works with every device registered. Easy user import and reliable user compliance.

How it works?

See for yourself how simple and easy it is to use SecSign ID

1. Download the App 2. Create your SecSign username 3. Enter a PIN code 4. Login


Lost your phone? Don’t worry!

Total control at any time over all duplicated ID’s, information about the replication via push notification and special alert/message on all devices.

  1. Restoration code / backup code protects you from the loss of the ID
  1. Remote wipe protects you from unauthorized use: “Remotely unpair lost or stolen devices from anywhere” admin page and device list

SecSign 2FA