Recover Two-Factor Authentication

Lost your phone? Don’t worry!
We solved an issue that costs time and money with other Two-Factor Authentication solutions. Fast, easy and secure restoration, remote unpairing of IDs and total control at any time.


Download our How-to Guide for Restoring the ID, Resetting the ID and adding a new device

Activate the restoration function!

Restore your ID

We’ve got you covered for the worst-case scenario

No administration costs

No need to be on hold for customer service, no additional administrative work and zero helpdesk costs. Simple two-step process to retrieve your ID.

Remote wipe your app

Unpair your IDs from any device, easy and fast from the admin panel or any device that has an active ID.

Server-based authority

With the SecSign ID Server, setting up a restoration code can be forced from the admin, or the feature can be banned. Complete control and customizability.

Add a new device for your authentication

Access your ID from all your devices and stay in control

Your device list

Control all your devices with one click. See which devices have access to your ID and edit admission if needed.

Server-based authority

Control new devices for your users with the SecSign ID Server.The feature can be banned or restricted for better management. Complete control and customizability.

Security notifications

You receive notifications for every new device the ID is used on, to every device the ID is active on. Complete control, at any time.

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