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Human error is inevitable. Better be prepared for it!

With the SecSign ID Backup Function the user ID can be duplicated, restored and managed on a device in a matter of minutes, without administrative help or service hotline annoyances. Lost your phone? Don’t worry! We solved an issue that costs time and money with other Two-Factor Authentication solutions. Fast, easy and secure restoration, remote unpairing of IDs and total control at any time.

Before using the Backup Function you need to activate it in the app.

You will automatically be prompted to activate the Backup Function on your 4th login. If you want to activate the backup function earlier or if you didn’t activate it at this point, you can activate it manually.

Follow the steps in the video to activate the backup function to use it later.


No need to be on hold for customer service, no additional administrative work and zero helpdesk costs.


Unpair your IDs from any device, easy and fast from the admin panel or any device that has an active ID.


Notifications for every new device the ID is used on, to every device the ID is active on.


Your users will have their ID restored in no time, and without bothering an administrator. But convenience does not come at a price. With the SecSign ID Backup Function the identification and authentication is secure – just like you expect it to be.


The Backup Process is protected in two steps via two different paths:
1. Backup Code displayed upon activation of the feature (can be accessed as long as you have access to the device)
2. OTP backup code sent via Email.


Each device receives a notification if one of the IDs is restored or duplicated on a new device. If that restore or duplication is not authorized the device can be blocked immediately and indefinitely.


All devices with the ID activated on can be accessed both in the user panel, the administrative panel and in the app. Full control at all times.

How about an even more streamlined process? QR Code based Backup Function for the one click, two step authentication. As easy as it can be, added security for cloud and on-premise setups.
Our Backup guide gives more information on how that works.

for even more convenience and customizations

With an on-premise setup you have even more tools at hand, from supporting your users restore to managing individual backup options and more. With the custom authentication app you can enroll, manage and support your users even more comprehensive



Keep full control of all your users by prohibiting manual backup of their ID or automatically deleting the old ID from the old device after a successful restoration.
Devices can be deleted at any point via the admin dashboard.


You’d rather have your users receive the Backup Code by mail or even personally? No problem with the individualized backup function for on-premise users. Adapt backup options to your security requirements and preferences.


Activation of the backup function can be automatically activated for every new user, for example via their AD credentials. That way the backup function can automatically be activated when the user is enrolled in two-factor authentication.


…a user looses access to his phone?

If a user looses his smartphone he can simply restore his ID on his new phone. In the meantime he can deactivate his ID on the dashboard, all without administrative assistance.
In case the user does need help, the administrator can simply deactivate the ID or unpair it from the lost phone. If the user lost his backup code, the administrator can decide if he allows resending the backup code, for example via a phone call, personally or, if security requirements are not as high, via Email.

…a user has a new phone?

The user can simply activate his ID on the new phone by duplicating it. The duplicate function is both possible with the backup code or with the quick and simple QR code pairing. To do this the user simply scans the QR code in the app on the old phone with the new phone and the app is set up and ready to go.

…a user forgets his PIN/Password?

In this case the user can use the backup function to reset his password/PIN by reactivating his ID after deleting it. He simply needs to delete the ID from the app and then use the backup code to reactivate it and choose a new Password/PIN. No administrative assistance required!

…a user looses his backup code?

Depending on the security requirements of your system the administrator can decide how to deal with this situation. He can either transmit a new backup code via phone, mail, personally or, if requirements are low, via Email.

Your own ID-Server

On premise installations of SecSign ID offer the flexibility to connect with your preferred servers, services, and devices. And you can customize the SecSign ID with your own organization’s branding.

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On Premise 2FA ID

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