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You’re tired of patchwork solutions for all your business needs: User management, login and authentication, security and user self-management. With SecSign you can combine all your needs in one solution: The SecSign IdM User Management setup. Manage and import users with secure on-boarding and convenient user management system link, offer comprehensive self-management options, organize login strength and authentication options and more.

SecSign IdM Key Features

SecSign IdM Key Features



Identity Management perfect for all your requirements

Make the most of your user management system with integrating or synchronizing your Active Directory/LDAP system with the SecSign ID. Offer secure Two-Factor Authentication for all Logins, easy SSO, user identity management and more for all your users.

Secure and manage your users and your data with one convenient and intuitive solution


Features of the IdM

Identity and Access Management

Manage all users while securing them with the best and most convenient 2FA. The administrator can manage individual users for all services, authentication and app settings, plus keep track over user activities via the endpoint monitoring options.

SSO to simplify authentication, login and security

Why bother your users with a thousand logins all through the work day? With the SecSign ID SSO solution you don’t need to surrender security for convenience. One secure authentication, unlimited access to all access points – or only a few, whichever works for your setup.

2FA SSO Features

Customizable Login Security

You can set up your users login security based on your requirements and preferences. From two-factor authentication, two-step authentication, OTP-based or transaction verification.

Plugins for integrating 2FA

With SecSign you don’t need to worry about patchwork solutions. We can secure your entire setup, from common plugins like Atlassian and PHP to SAML and REST connections and custom solutions that fit your setup. One solution, one management, one security setup with one simple integration.

2FA Plugins Overview

Admin Dashboard

User management in all areas

Manage all of your users data, settings and authentication requirements in one setup via the customizable administrative panel. Options include but are not limited to

  • User information as detailed as required
  • Secure and convenient on-boarding that adapts to your security requirements: via email, mail, PostIdent, or in person
  • Detailed authentication requirements and rules, location based, device based or based on access point
  • Activate or deactivate self-management options, for example the restore function, password reset and more
  • Manage self-access for the users, or limit it

Administrative Panel Features

With the SecSign IdM you have the perfect combination of convenience, security without loosing sight of the economics with low administrative costs.


Enrolling your users in the IdM

Every Company is different
There is no one-fit-all solution, every rollout is different. We offer rollout solutions,
tailored to your needs, convenient like staple solutions. Transform your company without interrupting your workflow.

Total control
Don’t worry about user compliance and user name confusion. Match user names to your current user management system. Predefine user names and other credentials.

User enrollment on your terms
Rollout with your own custom app or secure codes – digital or analog. Every step of the process is designed to keep administrative cost low and your data truly secure.

Server Setup

Options for deploying the ID server

Combine a comprehensive user management solution with convenient and secure user self-management and security settings.
With SecSign you have several options for managing your users and security, from using the all-inklusive IdM solution to manually managing your users or using the no-data option in the cloud.

Option 1: Comprehensive IdM Solution

Combine Authentication and user management with the SecSign ID server. Simplify your setup, and limit points of attack by joining forces of user management and authentication management on one server.
The SecSign ID server offers intuitive user management, access management, authentication management all with a simple and sleek user interface.
You decide which data your SecSign IdM includes and manages.

Option 2: Use the Cloud without transferring your data

The authentication server does not receive, store or manage any confidential data like user passwords. The user authentication request is sent to the cloud server where a successful challenge response verifies the user login. No user credentials are transmitted during this process, so you don’t have to worry about data breaches.

Option 3: Linking your user management system

Connect your external user directory to the on-premise server or integrate it with your cloud setup
This is possible for example by using a schema extension for your Active directory. User access data are verified against your external user management system, the cloud server doesn’t have access to or store any confidential data.

Deployment and Licensing Options for the SecSign ID Server

Don’t worry about user compliance. Fool proof user guides and individual rules for your requirements. Avoid high-cost rollout procedures while controlling every requirement.

Your own ID-Server

On premise installations of SecSign ID offer the flexibility to connect with your preferred servers, services, and devices. And you can customize the SecSign ID with your own organization’s branding.

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