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SecSign ID Server passed FIDO Certification

29 Jun 2022 / 0 Comments

We are happy to announce that the SecSign ID server has passed the official FIDO certification program of the FIDO Alliance. This will allow you to use the complete FIDO2/WebAuthn standard for passwordless 2FA sign-ins in your existing applications with the help of our SecSign ID server. SecSign ID Server The SecSign ID server is […]


Two-Factor Authentication for the Smartwatch

26 Apr 2017 / 0 Comments

The easiest mobile authentication with your Apple Watch SecSign Technologies offers a new generation of digital identity protection and authentication solutions that use the Apple Watch to dramatically simplify and strengthen user login security. We developed the world’s first two-factor authentication app that offers biometric identity verification by skin contact via the Apple Watch. With […]


Locating the crash report or the crash logs on the iPhone

23 Feb 2017 / 0 Comments


Securing data in the TEE

01 Feb 2017 / 0 Comments


How to access iOS Keychain data from the Apple Watch

21 Apr 2015 / 0 Comments

Saving confidential data on the iPhone should be done via the keychain. This is a protected area on your iPhone which allows only your app to read the data and only under specific accessibility conditions. If you adding Apple Watch support to your app you will probably need to change the accessibility mode of your […]


Important Tips for Developing for the Apple Watch

29 Mar 2015 / 0 Comments

Important Tips for Developing for the Apple Watch Recently we added Apple Watch support to our SecSign ID iPhone app. While we were doing this, we learned some important things about the Apple Watch and how to develop for it, so we’ve decided to share some of those valuable lessons and tips with you. For […]


Apple iCloud Hacking in China: Credentials Are the Problem

23 Oct 2014 / 0 Comments


How Safe Is Apple’s Touch ID?

07 Oct 2014 / 0 Comments


How to Use Apple’s Touch ID for Two-factor Authentication

12 Sep 2014 / 0 Comments


Example for Apple’s Touch ID Fingerprint API for Swift and iOS

04 Sep 2014 / 0 Comments

Swift is the new programming language which was published by Apple in XCode 6. It can be used for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, on iOS as well as on OS X. Swift code can be applied side-by-side with Objective-C. It is designed to assist developers in writing secure and reliable codes. This includes mechanisms which […]

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