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SecSign ID Desktop App for 2FA

Each company security and user setup is different, and there are situations in which a mobile app is not the best solution. In that case your users can use the SecSign ID Desktop App for OSX or Windows 7 and newer.

The multi-factor authentication app for desktop users

Convenient authentication where it’s needed

Your users can use the authentication right on their desktop PC or Mac, without the need for a smartphone. The private key is secured on the computer transforming it into a hardware token.

The SecSign ID Desktop App offers your users both the convenience and security they need – without the need for BYO device policies.

Authentication that doesn’t interrupt the workflow

Securing your users doesn’t mean you have to inconvenience them. With the SecSign ID Multi-Factor Authentication Desktop App your users are one click away from their data – convenient and secure without compromises.
You can customize the requirements for your user security, including additional security with PIN or Password protection for the app.

The ideal solution for setups that require an internal connection – without any public internet access the authentication stays on your premises and within your local intranet.


Enrollment as simple as it is secure. Have your users self-register, connect your Active Directory or other user management system or design your custom enrollment procedure. Your users can activate their account using for example Email Codes, Mail Codes or via an Activation Code that you deliver personally or via PostIdent, depending on your security requirements.
One Enrollment for all applications – it’s all you need.

Customizations for both mobile and desktop apps: Improve user compliance with customized workflows, authentication procedures and your corporate design.

Custom App

SecSign 2FA