Why upgrade to SecSign?

On-premise or in the cloud

Choose between our SecSign ID Cloud or operate your own on-premise Two-Factor Authentication server.

Easy customization

Operate your own YourBrand ID app - Two-Factor Authentication customized to your needs.

Ready-to-use SDK

Integrate SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication in existing apps with our ready-to-use SDK.

Easy user management

Use the Two-Factor Authentication Server to secure your company Active Directory/LDAP. Your own Identity and Access Management System, for example for mandatory updates and additional security features.

Cover all logins

Integration in any login environment: web, local, VPN, remote desktop, mobile logins and many more.

Plugins for all your needs

No need for complex integration: we have plugins for almost all environments.



Please see our tutorials on how to integrate the SecSign ID, SecSign ID server and the interfaces conveniently into your own infrastructure in order to maximize the security level. The login can be realized in various ways, e.g. as two-step version (user enters password + user name + SecSign ID) for the webservice, or the user only enters the SecSign ID.

It is also possible to skip the access pass like in this example. The ideal implementation depends on the specific, individual scenario. On-premise customers can define which implementation they want in the configuration.

You might also want to check out our FAQs, Getting Started, Server API and 2FA information pages.

How it works?

See for yourself how simple and easy it is to use SecSign ID

Security Without Complexity

SecSign ID combines simplicity with superior security to deliver next-generation user authentication.

Authentication Features
Other Two-factor Authentication Solutions*
Simplified mobile push authentication
Choose your own mode of authentication (PIN, Biometric, Password,...)
No need to enter or store confidential data
No need for passwords
No re-entry of SMS codes
No need for tokens
No need for QR code scans
Availability for desktop App (OS x, Windows)
Integration of SecSign ID SDK into your own Apps

*Other Two-Factor Authentication solutions vary in their methods
and requirements. Not all requirements may apply, but no other
solution offers the simplicity and security of SecSign ID.

Secure. Simple. Flexible

See how SecSign ID delivers secure user authentication with powerful cryptography and the simplicity of mobile technology.

On-Premise or Cloud-based

Several solutions available to operate your own authentication server, at a much higher security level.Or use our scalable services for organizations, websites, or individuals. It’s as simple as ticking a box or flicking a switch and off you go.

Easy User Management

Benefit from our secure SecSign ID server as Two-Factor Authentication management server while retaining your user identities on your Identity System. Instant integration and no changes in your infrastructure necessary. Or store user identities in the ID server with our intuitive Active Directory or LDAP import or any other system. Easy integration of individual Identity Systems and intuitive self-enrollment.

Restoration code & backup ID

On all devices (no matter if smartphone or Desktop PC). A significant benefit, if you have forgotten one of your devices or someone stole it.

Your own ID-Server

On-premise installations of SecSign ID offer the flexibility to connect with your preferred servers, services, and devices. And you can customize the SecSign ID with your own organization’s branding.


Individual branding

Represent your brand- upgrade the security. We offer simple integration in existing apps
On-premise flexibility and security, plus additional benefits. Easy LDAP or Active Directory import, compliance with industry standards and many more.

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