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Integrating Two-Factor Authentication in your
User Management System

Centrally managed user management system with for example Active Directory and LDAP

Find out why our Two-Factor Authentication is the best, some key-facts for developers and why you should upgrade to SecSign for your business.

Learn more about the options of on-premise use and your own customized ID App in your corporate design.

Download the plugin as cloud version for a free and convenient protection.

Protect every login in one setup

Secure all user credentials

No sensitive user data like passwords are ever transmitted to the web service. There is no way for hackers to intercept vulnerable data.
Unlike other 2FA provider we don’t synch your data with our server. Your data and vulnerable information stays with you, 100% and no compromises. Simply eliminate unnecessary point of attacks.

No more patchwork setups

No need to remember the credentials for every service and no need to worry about password reuse. You don’t need to switch provider – and your user credentials – with every login. One ID for every web interface, cloud product or internal app and native login.

Your choice of complexity

We offer out-of-box integration with our ready to use plugins or customized solutions to fit every aspect of your setup.

Protect all data – in the cloud and on-premise

To truly protect your corporate environment every access point needs protection:
web access, cloud app, native logins and internal apps. With the SecSign ID Active Directory and Federation System you can cover all your bases.

One login for all services

Most work days start with countless logins, which is both time-consuming and annoying. Log into all your services at once with the SecSign ID Single Sign-on. Truly secure logins: Web services don’t have access to any sensitive data, you don’t need to worry about how individual services take care of your information.

Secure without complicating things

While other two-factor authentication solutions complicate logins we developed a system that is not only secure but unbelievable convenient in use. You only need one login to be securely authenticated for countless services.
Secure authentication doesn’t have to be complicated.

Your data stays with you

The SecSign ID server can readily be integrated with your user management. User can be managed centrally with your clients and the two-factor authentication can easily be integrated in your administration clients (for example with the REST API).

Optimized for your workflow

Provide your users with uncompromising security and simplify the workflow. The secure authentication for desktop PC can for example be used for authentication with other services by using our SSO. The Active Directory in Federation modus can be used to provide easy logins to web services.

Don’t worry about compliance

Control the SecSign ID, for example use of the company’s Email address. The information can be integrated directly from your user management system and privacy policies are enforced based on your requirements. The registration is even easier and you don’t need to worry about compliance.

The extra layer of security

Only user registered in your user management system can register for the SecSign ID. Protect your company data and limit access to the registration process.


Don’t disrupt your users workflow: Rollout as easy as 1-2-3

Self-enrollment options

Automatic Enrollment

Administrative Enrollment

Choose between Inline self-enrollment, bulk self-enrollment or customized solutions to keep maintenance low and users happy.
The easiest option for both the user and the administrator. Synchronize or link your user management system while keeping your data under your control at all times.

Full-service for your users, they can start authenticating right away.


Don’t just monitor possible weak points – react to them

  • Comprehensive Endpoint monitoring including but not limited to IP Geoposition, App version, OS version and more
  • Enforcing Company standards security for devices and service with customizable rules and actions for inadequate properties
  • User self-management to reduce Helpdesk costs: Update prompts, adding new devices and more


Your Active Directory can be used to offer your existing users secure two-factor authentication with just a click. Some examples of applications are listed below.
You need a different setup? We offer customized solutions for every requirement. Just contact us.

Try the Active Directory Login

Find out just how simple the login is for your customers. Simply enter your Email Address and SecSign ID to get your test-account set up.

Lost your phone? Don’t worry!

Total control at any time over all duplicated ID’s, information about the replication via push notification and special alert/message on all devices.

      1. Restoration code / backup code protects you from the loss of the ID
      1. Remote wipe protects you from unauthorized use: Remotely unpair lost or stolen devices from anywhere

Need help?

Looking for detailed manuals to cover all the features and functionality of SecSign ID and SecSign Portal? Check out the Technical Whitepaper to access complete instructions on how to get the most out of your SecSign products.

SecSign 2FA