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Secure Authentication for Atlassian Services

Two-Factor Authentication with the SecSign ID JIRA & Confluence Plugin

Find out why our Two-Factor Authentication is the best, some key-facts for developers and why you should upgrade to SecSign for your business.

Learn more about the options of on-premise use and your own customized ID App in your corporate design.

Download the plugin as cloud version for a free and convenient protection.

Atlassian provides companies with convenient methods for software development or digital process management (for example JIRA, Confluence).
The services may be based in the Atlassian cloud, a different data center or on-premise.
Information like project progress or susceptible errors in the code (which may offer areas of attack) have to be protected from unauthorized access.

This page gives an overview about authentication possibilities for Atlassian services.

Effectively protect your company with SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication for your app



Strongest Two-Factor Authentication

Advanced cryptography with patented 2048 bit private Key
SafeKey procedure or Elliptic Curve Cryptography Key in TEE

On-premise setups that fit your requirements

Plenty of solutions available to operate your own authentication server, at a much higher security level.

Cloud based options for simple and fast security

Scalable services for organizations, websites or individuals. Employ your own ID App to offer a real advantage to your users.

Your choice of authentication

Two-Factor Authentication with or without passwords, intuitive touch authentication, no smartphone necessary – it is as simple as it is secure

Your own Identity and Access Management Server

Flexible and strong user security at all levels designed to fit the most complex corporate requirements

No sensitive credentials transmitted or stored on a server

Sensitive user data are never transmitted over a network during authentication, making it impossible for hackers to steal this information.


Protect all your Atlassian Services with just one authentication – Advanced SSO

Atlassian Crowd is a centrally managed user management system that offers convenient management of all users that can access a system, for example JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo and all other Atlassian services. It offers support for existing user management systems like Active Directory to facilitate the extension of systems rather than building a new one.

Atlassian Crowd SSO

Crowd offers numerous options and custom setup possibilities.

Our developers think outside the box and here’s what they have to say about Crowd.
You need more information or have questions about your individual Crowd setup? Talk to us for a customized solution!

What is possible with Crowd?

Crowd Identity Management

Atlassian Data Center

Why Two-Factor Authentication from SecSign?

Start using secure Two-Factor Authentication today with our ready to use apps. Or integrate the Two-Factor Authentication app functionality into your own app with your own
design to secure your website logins and app logins.
You decide and define the login rights of your users: do they have to use a 2FA in any case, etc.


Powerful user security across your enterprise with Two-Factor Authentication for networks, websites, platforms, and devices. Your data is protected with advanced and state of the art encryption, including but not limited to TEE, 2048 bit encryption, ECC keys, and many more.


Easy integration, easy to use, no compromise. No need for hardware, infrastructure, tokens or passwords. Push notifications for each login, quick and easy mobile authentication. No credentials stored on a server, easy and fast implementation.


Build your own Trust center. You keep complete control over your on-premise server. Protection
for all your logins, for collaborations and customers.

Overall protection

Next generation authentication – no smartphone necessary. With Two-Factor Authentication for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone. No smartphone required! The next generation of Two-Factor Authentication adapts to your requirements, not the other way around.

Highly Customizable

White Label 2FA or Corporate 2FA – Integration of Multi-Factor Authentication into custom apps (SDK). Easy integration in existing apps. Upgrade your app to enable secure 2FA for any login.

Restoration code and backup ID

On all devices (no matter if smartphone or Desktop PC). A significant benefit if you lost one of your devices or someone stole it. Easy restoration without additional administration costs.

True PDF online signature

Send, track and manage signed documents from anywhere. Legally binding signatures, user friendly and secured by two-factor authentication.

On-premise or cloud solutions

Scalable services for organizations, websites, or individuals. Several solutions available to operate your own authentication server, for a much higher security level.

Your credentials are truly secure

The only solution on the market that does neither transmit nor store confidential credentials on a server.

Need help?

Looking for detailed manuals to cover all the features and functionality of SecSign ID and SecSign Portal? Check out the Technical Whitepaper to access complete instructions on how to get the most out of your SecSign products.

SecSign 2FA