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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about one of our solutions? Find answers to the most common questions about SecSign.

Need more help?

Email us if you have questions not listed below or need further assistance. Looking for detailed manuals to cover all the features and functionality of SecSign ID or SecSign Portal? Check out the technical white paper to access complete instructions on how to get the most out of your SecSign products.


User Questions

Can SecSign IDs be transferred from an old mobile device to a new one?
Can I use this app on my own website?
On how many devices can I use my ID?
Can I use one ID on more than one device?
Can I also use my ID on the desktop computer?
What is an access pass?
Where can I test the app?
How can I sign in?
What kind of password can I use?
Why do I need a passcode?
What is a user short name?
How do I sign up?
How to start?

Developer Questions

What are the costs for a developer to integrate SecSign ID into a website or similar web service?
Can SecSign ID be integrated with my web-based SaaS solution or similar product?
Can SecSign solutions be deployed on-premises or in-house rather than in the cloud?
Will there still be data transmitted to your server when I select an on-premise solution?
How difficult is the integration of the app into a web service?
Does a developer have to re-build an existing architecture to deploy SecSign ID?
What will happen in case of an outage of SecSign server?

Questions about the 2FA

How much does the SecSign ID app cost?
If SecSign ID and SecSign Portal are available for free in the cloud, how do you propose to make money for your company?
Is it really for free to use SecSign ID for cloud authentication, regardless of the size of my website or service?
How can a simple 4-digit PIN or alphanumeric passcode provide sufficient protection for my user ID?
SecSign’s advanced cryptography is impressive, but my organization cannot trust a cloud service to provide user authentication or file sharing and messaging. Is there a way that we can use your security technology on our own servers?
Why don’t you use QR codes (barcodes) instead of access pass symbols in your authentication?
Is it possible to use SecSign ID to secure my access to third party services from Google or other providers?
Can I have more than one SecSign ID on my mobile device?
Can I have many different SecSign IDs for special purposes?
Can I use SecSign ID to grant highly controlled remote access to my secured services, such as video or telephone conferences?
Why does the SecSign App show four different access symbols?

SecSign Portal Questions

I released files via a SecSign Portal link, but the recipient cannot open the link or download the files. What is causing this?
How will I be informed about new messages, sharing invitations, and other important events from SecSign Portal?
I need more than 5 GB of free storage. Can I upgrade my account to get more storage capacity?
I do not wish to pay for several separate accounts but would prefer a single account for team of individuals. Is this possible?

SecSign Troubleshooting

What do I have to do if the server locked my ID?
I’ve forgotten my SecSign ID Pin/Passcode. What should I do?
s are suspended due to simultaneous sign-in attempts?
How can I transfer my SecSign ID from an iPhone to an Android device?
What should I do, if my device (and thus my ID) was, for example, stolen?
How can I activate the restoration/recreation function?
What does restoration mean?
Can I use my ID also for a new device, e.g. if the old one was stolen or is not working anymore?
What if I receive a notification or I see an authentication request for a login session that I did not initiate?
What do I do if I accidentally or otherwise initiated an authentication session but don’t want to complete it?
When should a new key pair be generated?
What do I have to do if the server locked my ID?
I can’t find my access pass!
I lost my phone and cannot access my account anymore. What should I do?
I’ve forgotten my SecSign ID PIN/passcode. What should I do?
SecSign 2FA