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2016-11-09 5 minutes to read
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SecSign ID is the only multi-factor authentication solution that offers a full-scale deployment portfolio for both simple and extensive setups.

Our solution covers all setups, from securing your small-scale JIRA setup in the cloud, midsized company setups for several interfaces or managing millions of users all over the world with a solution that stays on your premise. The highest protection for your company data. Total control with your own server.

Don’t know yet if on-premise is the best solution for your setup? Have a look at all our licensing options.

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On-premise SecSign ID Server Overview

We offer the one solution you want for all your requirements, coupled with the best Two-Factor Authentication on the market. Truly secure and easy to use.
Don’t bother with inconvenient solutions, you can have both superior security and strong cryptography combined with user-optimized system for your signatures. Use it for collaborations, in-house workflows and more, improve the usability of your current system and upgrade the security with one setup.

  • Combine excellent security with maximum customization options
  • Secure all company logins (Web, VPN, desktop, anything that needs credentials)
  • Integrate Two-Factor Authentication in existing apps or have one build to suit
  • Maintain control over everything, from data to update frequencies, authentication procedure or administration.
  • We strive for low-maintenance applications. Common issues are already solved before you face them: Lost phone, change of device: no complex issues but merely a tap away from a solution.
    Save time, money and frustration.
Key Facts

Why choose an on-premise server for my company?

Easy implementation for maximum security. Fully customizable – from design to security settings and implementation.

Numerous deployment options

You have the choice for rollout-options, authentication procedure and additional safety add-ons. There is no need to worry about third party infrastructure constraints or support response times, and you maintain complete control of your data.

Keep and protect your data on-site

Use the infrastructure and security you already know, combined with the advanced cryptography and powerful protection of SecSign solutions to protect your sensitive information and communications.

Rollout and Onboarding

Improve the workflow without interrupting it: Easy rollout for small, medium and big companies.
Rollout with your own custom app or secure codes – digital or analog. Every step of the process is designed to keep administrative cost low and your data truly secure.

Comprehensive IdM System

No more inconsistency for user authentication: unite your ID systems in our SecSign Server or add it at additional safeguard.
Easy user import with existing Active Directories or LDAP systems or any other system More Information.
We offer Turnkey VM, JAVA Server, Windows or Linux

Easy user administration

Manage your users conveniently via the More information”>admin dashboard. Use our GUI or integrate in your management system via Rest API. Keep control of possible security threads: Mandatory updates for old operating systems, administrative assignment of IDs, automatic key exchange and more.

User import or synch

Use our easy user import from your user management system. We offer convenient APIs for your system and intuitive import instructions. Or simply link your user management system to keep all your data on your on-premise server. No need to sync your data if you don’t want to. More Information

User Management

User management

Administrative Dashboard for user management

With the on-premise and managed cloud setups you can manage every detail of the user management and authentication process via the administrative panel. From comprehensive endpoint management, custom and selectively applicable rules as well as device security. Block authentication requests from outdated OS, specific locations or specific IPs. You can create different workflows for specific users, user groups, or applications in just a few simple step – manage risk profiles and resource vulnerability.
Link your user management system and manage all users and all aspects of user management and security with one IdM. More information about the SecSign ID IdM

The backend is customizable to fit your requirements, regulations and company design. You can individually define endpoint monitoring options, app and authentication options and requirements and manage your users and enrollment of new users both individually and collectively. The administrative panel user management can both be used synched to your existing user management system (for example Active Directory), or used as a single standing IdM (Identity Management) solution for all users and services.
Contact us for more information on customizations of the backend and ID app.

Backup code for lost and stolen devices

Empower your users

Your users can take care of their account without flooding the help desk with unnecessary requests. No matter if they lost their phone, need to set up a new device or want to use the ID on several devices. They can access their device list in the app and manage devices and logins. With the backup code the users can manage their account without administrative help – conveniently and secure!


Integration of the on-premise server

The on-premise server can be integrated seamlessly into your network, no matter how complex. The following diagram gives an overview of how the server can be integrated. For more information and custom solutions, please contact us.

SecSign ID Integration

Please configure your desired integration of the SecSign ID Two Factor Authentication

Choose a system, where you want to add the secure login

Do you need your own ID Server inside your protected network or prefer if we manage and maintain it for you

The location to save the assigned SecSign IDs to a user account or the IDM alltogether

System to protect
The System you want to protect - Choose a system, where you want to add the secure login
SecSign ID Server location
Do you need your own ID Server inside your protected network or prefer if we manage and maintain it for you
User account location
The system to save the assigned SecSign IDs to a user account or the IDM alltogether
edit the settings to change the integration
2FA blind
2FA no AP
2SA no AP
2SA blind
Custom ID
IDP Custom Website
Enrollment initiated by SP
Enrollment with IDM
Show Network
Hide Network
Request Solution
The authentication was successful

on-premise portal_white

Deploy your on-premise SecSign ID Server for secure Two-Factor Authentication with advanced cryptography

Technical Details


Maximum brand recognition with your corporate design. We build your 2FA company app for you, offer SDKs for easy integration in existing apps or simply add some design modifications to match your profile.

More information

Your own ID-Server

On premise installations of SecSign ID offer the flexibility to connect with your preferred servers, services, and devices. And you can customize the SecSign ID with your own organization’s branding.

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