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2016-11-30 5 minutes to read
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Protect your Apps with secure Two-Factor Authentication and provide your customers with the security they need.

We offer easy and flexible integration with our software development kits (SDK) to fit all your requirements. Even if you secure your web login with an authentication app, the app login remains an easy target for attackers.

One App, authenticate everywhere

One App to secure all your access points

Secure your mobile apps and mobile logins! With the SecSign ID SDK you can secure both your mobile apps with a secure authentication, and secure logins to websites, applications and more with the same app!

  • Integrate the 2FA functionalities with your existing app – straightforward and seamless integration
  • Comprehensive user management and user control: decide on authentication rules, app protection rules (biometric, password, PIN) and more
  • No need to worry about the technical details – the SDK takes care of it all, including secure password protection on the device, challenge response authentication and encryption


Invisible 2FA Integration

With the SecSign ID SDK you can customize the authentication procedure to best fit your and your customers requirements. You are not sure which integration you want or you have specific requirements? Contact us for a solution that not only works for you but covers all bases for the most convenient setup.

For any setup the authentication is based on a challenge response authentication in the background. Simple FaceID or Fingerprint authentication as UI. The user doesn’t even realize his login is protected with a two-factor authentication because the private key secured on his mobile phone acts as the second factor. The perfect combination of security and convenience.

You can use the same app for SDK integration and login at web services or VPN logins. The user receives a push notification on his phone for logins at web services, VPNs, OS and more. He simply has to verify the login, for example via fingerprint authentication, without even realizing that there is a secure challenge response authentication in the background.
More information about the SecSign ID challenge-response authentication and how the private key is secured can be found on our two-factor authentication basics overview.

Inline Integration

With the inline integration your users are directed to the SecSign ID authentication within your own app. That means you have one app for all user actions, from mobile login to secure mobile authentication and secure authentication for customers using the web login. You can brand the authentication based on your vision and company design to provide your users with their trusted banking environment. All banking actions, authentication and login are located in the same app with no external actions required. The user only needs to download one app for all banking, login and authentication actions.

Call-to-Authentication Integration

The call-to-authenticate integration integrates the two-factor authentication option in your app, and opens a customized two-factor authentication app for the authentication procedure itself. The two-factor authentication app can be branded to fit your vision and company design. The switch to the authentication app and the switch back to the banking app are fully automatic with no user input required beyond the authentication itself. Once the user successfully authenticated he is automatically returned to the banking app to continue with his banking activities.

With this option you can react to any OS, app and security updates and patches without adjusting your based app. It also makes logging for bugs easier for you.

Financial Sector

Solutions for the financial sector

Financial institution customers not only need a solution they can trust, they also want to it be intuitive to use. Enter the SecSign ID.

With the SecSign ID SDK financial institutions comply to all relevant regulations while offering their users a convenient and easy to use authentication option. The SecSign ID authentication can be introduced as custom ID app or integrated in existing banking apps to provide your users with their familiar banking experience.

Solutions for Financial Institutions


Maximum brand recognition with your corporate design. We build your 2FA company app for you, offer SDKs for easy integration in existing apps or simply add some design modifications to match your profile.


SecSign ID Keyfacts

Strongest Login Security

Advanced cryptography with patented 2048 bit private key SafeKey procedure or Elliptic Curve Cryptography Key in (TEE)

No credentials transmitted

Sensitive user data are never transmitted over a network during authentication, making it impossible for hackers to steal this information.

Your choice of login

Two-Factor Authentication with or without passwords, easy touch authentication, IP-Range protection: as simple as secure and flexible to fit your needs.

Integration for your apps

Secure mobile app logins with our intuitive SDK. Advanced security for your solutions, seamlessly.

GUI integration in apps

Use your GUI and add the best Authentication to your app. Effortless security for your project.

Integration with your design

Integrate the SecSign ID in your app, with your brand and user experience and our security.

Your own ID-Server

On premise installations of SecSign ID offer the flexibility to connect with your preferred servers, services, and devices. And you can customize the SecSign ID with your own organization’s branding.

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On Premise 2FA ID

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