Two-Factor Authentication SDK Integration for Apps

Find out why our Two-Factor Authentication is the best, some key-facts for developers and why you should upgrade to SecSign for your business.

Learn more about the options of on-premise use and your own customized ID App in your corporate design.

Download the plugin as cloud version for a free and convenient protection.

Protect your Apps with secure Two-Factor Authentication and provide your customers with the security they need. We offer easy and flexible integration with our software development kits (SDK) to fit all your requirements.

Even if you secure your web login with an authentication app, the app login remains an easy target for attackers.

Secure both your mobile app logins and webservice logins with the best Two-Factor Authentication and prevent attacks.
The unique SecSign ID SDK for your apps offers matchless security and simplicity for you and your users. One app für both webservice and app logins – it’s so easy and exceptional secure.

Strongest Two-Factor Authentication

Advanced cryptography with patented 2048 bit private Key
SafeKey procedure or Elliptic Curve Cryptography Key in Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

No sensitive credentials transmitted or stored on a server

Sensitive user data are never transmitted over a network during authentication, making it impossible for hackers to steal this information.
Next Generation Authentication

Your choice of authentication

Two-Factor Authentication with or without passwords,easy touch authentication, as simple as secure and flexible to fit your needs.

Integration for your apps

Secure mobile app logins with our intuitive SDK. Advanced security for your solutions.

GUI integration in apps

Use your GUI and add the best Two-Factor Authentication to your app. Effortless security for your project.

Invisible integration

Integrate the SecSign ID in your app, with your brand and user experience and our security.


Maximum brand recognition with your corporate design. We build your 2FA company app for you, offer SDKs for easy integration in existing apps or simply add some design modifications to match your profile.

More information

Effectively protect your company with SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication for your app

We offer solutions for IOS, MacOSX, Android, Windows 10, and Java.

Get started with SecSign SDK

Need help?

Looking for detailed manuals to cover all the features and functionality of SecSign ID and SecSign Portal? Check out the Technical Whitepaper to access complete instructions on how to get the most out of your SecSign products.

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