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Two-Factor Authentication for Identity Federations

Control all cloud-logins with one application – manage user chaos and vulnerabilities.

Cloud-appliances are a fixed part of the every day routine in companies. Easy collaborations, access to important data from all devices, the advantages are countless. But with every cloud-application there are new, decentralized authentication procedures added to the routine. That is not only inconvenient, but adds a dangerous vulnerability: each specification for secure logins has to be redefined for every service. Management of those numerous logins is confusing and results in security sensitive issues. These cover company-specific rules for authentication (strength of the password, specified access data, access privileges, …), access rights for former employees and numerous more.

SecSign has the solution: A convenient Identity Federation for managing all cloud-applications.

What is a Identity Federation?

The Identity Federation aids in conveniently managing and effectively securing logins.

Access to cloud-applications without Identity Federation
Both access to individual logins and the user management system are vulnerable for attacks. Hacker can easily access sensitive company data and logins.

Access to cloud-applications with Identity Federation
The Identity Federation acts as protecting shield for the user management system and the actual login.
Attacker can neither access the user login data nor the user management system. No sensitive data is ever transmitted and thus, cannot be intercepted.

The implementation of the Identity Federation is easy and convenient, despite the complex protection. More information on the installation of our plugins can be found here.

SecSign ID Identity Federation: What are the advantages?

Control all logins

All company logins need to be secured – whether they are internally or in the cloud. Enforce mandatory company-specific regulations and standards for every login and monitor access rights. Secure two-factor Authentication for ALL logins.

Your data stays with you

Don’t worry about data leeches or trusting third-party services. All sensitive data stays on your server and is never transmitted. No chance for attackers.

The best authentication

The PKI-based SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication is exceptionally secure. Because your company logins deserve only the best. More information on why our solution is special.


Don’t disrupt your users workflow: Rollout as easy as 1-2-3

Self-enrollment options

Automatic Enrollment

Administrative Enrollment

Choose between Inline self-enrollment, bulk self-enrollment or customized solutions to keep maintenance low and users happy.
The easiest option for both the user and the administrator. Synchronize or link your user management system while keeping your data under your control at all times.

Full-service for your users, they can start authenticating right away.

With the SecSign ID extensions for federation systems you can secure all cloud apps. For more information, examples and user management options you can find more information here.

You need a different setup? We offer customized solutions for every requirement. Just contact us.

One login for all services

Most work days start with countless logins, which is both time-consuming and annoying. Log into all your services at once with the SecSign ID Single Sign-on. Truly secure logins: Web services don’t have access to any sensitive data, you don’t need to worry about how individual services take care of your information.

Secure without complicating things

While other two-factor authentication solutions complicate logins we developed a system that is not only secure but unbelievable convenient in use. You only need one login to be securely authenticated for countless services.
Secure authentication doesn’t have to be complicated.

Your data stays with you

The SecSign ID server can readily be integrated with your user management. User can be managed centrally with your clients and the two-factor authentication can easily be integrated in your adminstration clients (for example with the REST API).

Optimized for your workflow

Provide your users with uncompromising security and simplify the workflow. The secure authentication for desktop PC can for example be used for authentication with other services by using our SSO. The Active Directory in Federation modus can be used to provide easy logins to web services.

Don’t worry about compliance

Control the SecSign ID, for example use of the company’s Email address. The information can be integrated directly from your user management system and privacy policies are enforced based on your requirements. The registration is even easier and you don’t need to worry about compliance.

The extra layer of security

Only user registered in your user management system can register for the Secsign ID. Protect your company data and limit access to the registration process.


Maximum brand recognition with your corporate design. We build your 2FA company app for you, offer SDKs for easy integration in existing apps or simply add some design modifications to match your profile.

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