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Your Company White-Label Custom Two-Factor Authentication App

Strengthen user compliance and brand recognition with an Authentication app in your corporate design

You need a strong and convenient two-factor authentication solution and offer your users a familiar environment? With the Custom Two-Factor Authentication App from SecSign your users can authenticate securely for your company access points. Strengthen user compliance and brand recognition with our scalable Custom ID App solutions in combination with the SecSign ID on-premise server

  • Your company app in your corporate design
  • Custom app ready for AppStore upload or MDM distribution – no need to hire out
  • Convenient enrollment right in the app
  • Strengthen brand recognition and user compliance
  • Custom rules based on your requirements


With your custom ID app your users a enrolled in 2FA with just a simple click. Custom Enrollment options built for convenience and security and tailored to your needs.

  • Auto-Enroll your users with a convenient user management synchronization
  • Pre-select the ID for your users, for example company Email address or user name
  • User Sign-up with their existing company user credentials (user name and password) and automatically initiate 2FA rollout

Edit the Icon Logo and the Name of the App

Make authentication easy and promote brand recognition with your custom app logo design.

Decide on a Color Scheme

Provide a matching color scheme to your corporate design for a seamless app experience.

Define Authentication procedure

Have the users authenticate with the Access Pass or simply accept the authentication in the app. The mode of authentication is up to you.
Additional options include for example two-step authentication.

Customize Edit Rights for your Users

Decide how many options are available for your users. You need them to use a PIN and not a Password? Or have them comply to password rules, for example minimum length? Simply define editable options for your users.

Decide on the protection mechanism

You decide on your preferred method of private key protection: With the SecSign patented SafeKey procedure or in the TEE of the mobile device.
More information about the different protection mechanisms are available here.

Offer Additional Information

Provide your users with custom guides and information tailored to your specific setup and requirements. Guide them through the authentication with a video and make the switch to 2FA easier for them.

Provide Information about your App

Show your users that they can trust the source of this app with this branding.

Customize the admin panel

The administrative server backend is customizable to fit your requirements, regulations and company design. You can individually define endpoint monitoring options, app and authentication options and requirements and manage your users and enrollment of new users both individually and collectively. The administrative panel user management can both be used synched to your existing user management system (for example Active Directory), or used as a single standing IdM (Identity Management) solution for all users and services.
Contact us for more information on customizations of the backend and ID app.

Integration in your existing Company app

You already have a company app and you simply want to add two-factor authentication? We offer convenient SDK solutions.
Offer your users a convenient and secure authentication without leaving your company app. Build trust in the authentication process and offer a seamless login experience.

For more information on custom app integration refer to our SDK-overview or contact us for customized solutions

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