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Options for deployment and licensing of your 2FA setup

In the cloud, self-managed or on your own server managed by SecSign

SecSign ID is the only multi-factor authentication solution that offers a full-scale deployment portfolio for both simple and extensive setups. Our solution covers all setups, from securing your small-scale JIRA setup in the cloud, midsized company setups for several interfaces or managing millions of users all over the world with a solution that stays on your premise.

Find out why our Two-Factor Authentication is the best, some key-facts for developers and why you should upgrade to SecSign for your business.

Learn more about the options of on-premise use and your own customized ID App in your corporate design.

Download the plugin as cloud version for a free and convenient protection.

Overview: Deployment Options

With SecSign ID you can choose between three base setups, individually customizable to your needs


For small-scale solutions, simple setups and quick integrations. The SecSign ID Cloud provides you with security in one simple step. This default infrastructure runs in a replicated AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment. Simply download your plugin, install it with your service and you’re ready to go. Your users can use the secure multi-factor authentication after creating their own SecSign ID – or you can define one for them. It’s as simple as security gets.

On-premise (Self-Managed)

For bigger setups, extensive options for user management, user support and the security to have all your data on your premise. The on-premise setup allows for customizations to fit your requirements, including but not limited to custom authentication rules, app access protection, custom 2FA app to fit your company design and more.
This option can also be used without any external network access. You will receive the SecSign ID Server Software, which can be installed in an environment of your choice: for example a datacenter or your own on-premise server.

Managed Cloud

The perfect solution for setups that require both: Customizations, extensive user management and support without managing your own server. We set up your customized SecSign ID server in a datacenter of your choice and take care of server management, updates and support, and you get to enjoy the advantages of an on-premise server.

Advantages at a glance

Deployment in the Cloud
Managing your data on-premise
All inclusive managed cloud
Setup Setup and integration with just a few clicks – have your users secured before lunch. Setup is simple and you don’t need advanced coding skills We take care of the setup and server management for you – no need to deal with server details.
Usability Easy to use and no frills where you don’t need them Easy to use and customizable down to the details Easy to use and customizable down to the details
Wide range of authentication methods: 2FA with or without password protection, biometric access, login with visual 2FA (access pass) or text
Apps for iOS, Android, Windows and OSX
Allow users to use multiple devices for 2FA
Customer support with our developer experts – our support works closely with our product developers for quick and comprehensive solutions.
Users can self-manage in cases of lost and new devices

– and –
You can individually manage and assist users
Use the convenient custom app for iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows Desktop

– or –
we build you a custom ID app in your corporate design or integrate the 2FA in an existing company app
Conveniently manage your users via the administrative panel
Use the extensive user management options like user profile management, endpoint monitoring, individual and selective rules for authentication, devices and more.
Maintain control over everything, from data to update frequencies, authentication procedure or administration.
Use the SecSign ID Server as a complete IdM solution for managing and securing your users
Connect your existing user management system (for example AD) with the SecSig ID Server for convenient rollout customized for your requirements
Use existing import and enrollment procedures for seamless onboarding of your users.
Keep all data within your infrastructure, behind your firewall
Authentication can be completely independent from external networks, no internet access required
Pricing Free for most plugins Contact us for pricing information Contact us for pricing information

User management
that empowers your users and gives you control over every detail

Empower your users

Your users can take care of their account without flooding the help desk with unnecessary requests. No matter if they lost their phone, need to set up a new device or want to use the ID on several devices. They can access their device list in the app and manage devices and logins. With the backup code the users can manage their account without administrative help – conveniently and secure!

Total control over every detail

With the on-premise and managed cloud setups you can manage every detail of the user management and authentication process via the administrative panel. From comprehensive endpoint management, custom and selectively applicable rules as well as device security. Block authentication requests from outdated OS, specific locations or specific IPs. You can create different workflows for specific users, user groups, or applications in just a few simple step – manage risk profiles and resource vulnerability.
Link your user management system and manage all users and all aspects of user management and security with one IdM. More information about the SecSign ID IdM

Enrollment that fits your requirements

Our Enrollment and Onboarding options are intuitive and fit any company setup. Wether you want to link your user management system, for example Active Directory, or not, have the administrator do all the work or rely on your users to sign up. We offer ready-to-use solutions for all systems, and custom setups for everyone else.

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