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SecSign Portal: Secure communication and file exchange
– as on premise or cloud solution

The best option for individuals, businesses and institutes. Exchange of large files and messages, digital signatures and more – always encrypted and protected with Two-Factor Authentication. It’s like Email, just better: Encryption on all levels, truly secure user authentication, no spam, unlimited sized files, cloud sharing and collaboration.


Powerful Features

Upload and share files fast! Easily send messages, attach files, and share folders. Large file capacity and flexible sharing methods. Accessibility from any device and location.

Total Data Protection

Protect and share your sensitive, confidential data. Enjoy maximum security with Two Factor User Authentication plus encryption on all levels and advanced cryptography.

Convenience & Control

Manage files and folders with our simple web interface. No need for memory sticks, external drives, FTP, or servers. Control user access rights and privileges. Unlimited external link sharing with password protection.

On-premise option

All data stays on your server for even more security. Offer your customers the familiar brand and user experience with your customized on-premise portal.

Easy and fast setup

We offer turnkey options for your virtual machine. Minimum requirements for setup: you can even use a raspberry pi.

Like Email, just better

Encryption on all levels, truly secure user authentication, no spam, unlimited sized files, cloud sharing and collaboration.

The Next Generation of Enterprise Data Security

See how SecSign Portal can simplify and strengthen your user security,
messaging, file sharing, and file storage.

Security You Can Trust

SecSign Portal offers Two-Factor, 2048-bit authentication and AES-256 encryption. Our next generation cryptography makes hacking virtually impossible. Our solution is ideal for businesses and organizations that need to protect and share sensitive data. And we offer a safer alternative to popular business file sharing services that may have weak security.

Convenience and Accessibility

With SecSign Portal, you can access and share your files or send secure messages from any device and any location. You can send and share large files like videos, audio, and high-resolution images. Our drag-and-drop functionality makes it amazingly easy to upload and attach files for sharing or messaging.

Simplicity for Sharing, Storing & Collaborating

SecSign Portal allows users to quickly and easily upload and share files using our simple web interface. External partners and vendors can collaborate with users within an organization by simply signing up for a SecSign ID and using our free SecSign app and Portal website. Or you can use password-protected external links with pre-defined validity periods so they automatically expire when you want.


ON-PREMISE PORTAL- Your custom online portal for maximum security and customization

  • Turn your own servers into a secure cloud
  • Deploy secure file sharing and storage on your own servers
  • Gain complete control over your own file sharing and
    storage solution
  • Completely customizable: URL, company logo, design and many more options
  • No need to trust third party security
  • Easy collaboration with outside users by granting secure
    access through Two-Factor Authentication
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Full installation support available

True online signatures at your fingertips

Legally binding signatures for all your documents and for all your requirements.
With the SecSign Portal you can collaborate with other users, sign and share legal documents.
We offer the convenience you want and the security you need.

You don’t want to upload your documents on our server? No problem.
With our on-premise solutions you can keep all your files on your server.
Added security and intuitive use.

We are continuously improving our products.
Here is what we’ve been up to lately.

New Features

Softkeys, secure Signatures and many more
Read more

SecSign 2FA