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SecSign Portal Features

Security and Convenience, no compromises: The SecSign Portal

The Facts

  • secureSecure
  • Easy
  • protectionOverall protection

  • Receive and send files of any size, encrypted and secured with your portal
  • Send encrypted messages as easy as Email
  • Access is protected with the secure SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication
  • Generate certificates as easy as filling out a profile
  • Signatures as easy as it can be – a single click or conveniently during the upload
  • Encryption on all channels
  • Central administration for users and certificates


Convenient and secure exchange of files and messages with our On-premise SecSign Portal

Your individualized portal with your logo , your URL and company branding.

More information

What does the SecSign Portal offer me?

Intuitive access to all features: Encrypted messaging, secure file exchange and legally binding signatures.

Encrypted messaging – as easy as Email. Send sensitive messages, files or other information.

Secure your files and share them with other users – even if they’re not signed up with the portal. You decide if a file can be downloaded, copied or forwarded as well as the duration of time the file is available to others.

Create qualified and advanced signatures in the portal – it’s just a klick away.

Optimize your workflow by communicating in notes for files. Convenient communication to files versions and target-oriented messaging.


Learn more about the features and characteristics.

A complete instruction to all features can be found here

Need help?

Looking for detailed manuals to cover all the features and functionality of SecSign ID and SecSign Portal? Check out the Technical Whitepaper to access complete instructions on how to get the most out of your SecSign products.

SecSign 2FA