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On-premise SecSign Portal Server

The highest protection for your company data. Total control with your own server.

Overview & Key-points

  • on-premiseSecure
  • on-premiseSimple
  • on-premiseOverall Protection

  • Send encrypted files and messages secured with Two-Factor Authentication
  • Operate your own on-premise Server
  • Customized URL, your company logo – you decide how it is supposed to look – Two-Factor-Authentication White Label
  • Access is completely customizable, based on your requirements
  • Control and record who did what and when – compliance with your security policies guaranteed
  • All functions completely accessible without client installation via desktop browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, …)
  • Designed for use on Smartphone and Tablet PC


Easy and secure file sharing and messaging with your On-premise SecSign Portal Server

Not sure why you should upgrade to SecSign?

Access to the portal is secured with the one-of-a-kind SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication with cloud or on-premise options.
Learn more about the Two-Factor Authentication and the limitless options.

Why choose an on-premise server for my company?

Easy implementation for maximum security. Fully customizable – from design to security settings and implementation.

Your white-label file storage SecSign Portal

Your landing page, your logo, your URL – we design the portal based on your ideas

Integrate the portal in your website

The portal can easily be integrated in your website – convenient for you, your customers and colleagues.

The strongest encryption and best protection

Don’t bother with implementation and maintenance of the strong cryptography. We pre-configure everything and set everything up for you müssen Sie sich nicht um die Realisierung und Wartung der komplexen Krypografien



We offer the one solution you want for all your requirements, coupled with the best Two-Factor Authentication on the market. Truly secure and easy to use.

Don’t bother with inconvenient solutions, you can have both superior security and strong cryptography combined with user-optimized system for your file sharing and messaging. Use it for collaborations, in-house workflows and more, improve the usability of your current system and upgrade the security with one setup.

  • Turn your own servers into a secure cloud
  • Deploy secure file sharing and storage on your own servers
  • Gain complete control over your own file sharing and
    storage solution
  • No need to trust third party security
  • Easy collaboration with outside users by granting secure
    access through Two-Factor Authentication
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Full installation support available

SecSign 2FA