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Electronic Signatures with the digital ID

The easy way to achieve secure signatures and more

Comfort for your workflow: Encrypted messaging, secure file storage and certificate based signatures. Upload your certificate or simply generate one with just one click.
Ready for secure signatures in a matter of minutes.


Secure your signatures and the rest with it:
The SecSign Portal

Experience the next generation of online signatures, file exchange and sharing as well as messaging with the SecSign Portal. Like Email, just better.

Sign your documents and files for a convenient way to authenticate your correspondence. Secure Encryption on all levels, intuitive use and secure messaging. Try out cloud setup or use your on-premise server.

Your data remains on your server, for secure collaborations. Every user is clearly identified with the outstanding SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication and verified with the existing ID management system.

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Why is SecSign the best solution for me?

We offer the one solution you want for all your requirements, coupled with the best Two-Factor Authentication on the market. Truly secure and easy to use.
Don’t bother with inconvenient solutions, you can have both superior security and strong cryptography combined with user-optimized system for your signatures. Use it for collaborations, in-house workflows and more, improve the usability of your current system and upgrade the security with one setup.

Generate certificates

Generate certificates as easy as filling out an online profile. On you smart phone, local or by importing your active directory.

Or simply upload your existing certificate from a Trust Center.
You control the rules for valid identities, depending on your requirements and legal demands. Solutions from SecSign go by your rules, not the other way around.

Sign in your application

Sign with your company certificates generated in your on-premise setup in all your applications, past the limits of your organization.
Your customers can sign documents quick, easy and secure and share them with you. You determine the strength of required authentication and signature (for example AES or QES.

One application for all your needs

Certificate-based signature for documents and files, encrypted messaging, storing and sharing of important documents: You only need one application – the SecSign Portal.
Secured with continuous encryption and two-factor authentication. More Information about the portal can be found here.


What is a certificate-based signature?

  • Convenient and secure signatures with your digital ID
  • Encrypted and secured with an asymmetric key pair. More Information
  • Proves the identity of the signer and attests for any changes in the document after the signature was placed.
  • Digital signatures from SecSign are eIDAS compliant

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By updating information about the corresponding user a digital ID can be created in the SecSign Portal. The ID can be used to generate encrypted signatures for documents and files.
Also, Softkeys from a Trust Center can be uploaded and used.
With the digital ID documents can be signed fast and conveniently with a single klick either during or after the upload.
It serves as proof of receipt, processing and information of the document. The corresponding time stamp gives the signature an identifying and timed quality.
For more information about the SecSign Signature please follow the link. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

More information about signatures

The only solution that combines certificate-based signatures and a secure authentication in one ID on your server.

We offer intuitive solutions for your on-premise Server and integration in existing apps with our SDK.
Your files stay on your server while you benefit from easy and secure online signatures. Better, easier and safer.

Learn more about our on-premise solutions

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