SecSign ID Single-Sign On (SSO) protected with Two-Factor Authentication

2017-11-08 5 minutes to read
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Enjoy the convenience of SSO while protecting your applications with 2FA

Single Sign-On sounds like a good idea, but you need more? With the SecSign ID SSO you can conveniently and securely login to all your connected services with just one simple and secure authentication. Convenient and simple logins for your users, next-level user management and endpoint monitoring for you and the best security for all your data. Contact us for a solution that is build for your needs and requirements. No need for patchwork-solutions, inconvenient authentications for the user or high-cost management on any level.

The leading challenges for any business: Combining Security and Convenience

With the streamlined SSO with the SecSign ID Two-Factor Authentication your users have a convenient login experience and you can rely on the best security.

With the SecSign ID SSO you have the perfect combination between convenience for the user and efficiency for your company.

Don’t stop at secure logins, make them convenient and streamlined. No need for patchwork solutions, complicated password rules that slow down your employees and take up unnecessary resources.

Contact us for more information and customized solutions.


Why Two-Factor Authentication from SecSign?

Start using secure Two-Factor Authentication today with our ready to use apps. Or integrate the Two-Factor Authentication app functionality into your own app with your own
design to secure your website logins and app logins.
You decide and define the login rights of your users: do they have to use a 2FA in any case, etc.


Powerful user security across your enterprise with Two-Factor Authentication for networks, websites, platforms, and devices. Your data is protected with advanced and state of the art encryption, including but not limited to TEE, 2048 bit encryption, ECC keys, and many more.

Simple and secure

Easy integration, easy to use, no compromise. No need for hardware, infrastructure, tokens or passwords. Push notifications for each login, quick and easy mobile authentication. No credentials stored on a server, easy and fast implementation.

Centrally managed

Decide once which user has access to which application and what kind of authentication is required. No need the apply the rules for every single service if you connect to Crowd. And revoke those rights with one click if you need to. All compliant to the strongest data protection regulations.

Trust Center

Build your own Trust center. You keep complete control over your on-premise server. Protection
for all your logins, for collaborations and customers.

Highly Customizable

White Label 2FA or Corporate 2FA – Integration of Multi-Factor Authentication into custom apps (SDK). Easy integration in existing apps. Upgrade your app to enable secure 2FA for any login.

Restoration code

On all devices (no matter if smartphone or Desktop PC). A significant benefit if you lost one of your devices or someone stole it. Easy restoration without additional administration costs.

Strongest 2FA

Advanced cryptography with patented 2048 bit private Key SafeKey procedure or Elliptic Curve Cryptography Key in TEE

On-premise or cloud

Scalable services for organizations, websites, or individuals. Several solutions available to operate your own authentication server, for a much higher security level.

Locally secure

The only solution on the market that does neither transmit nor store confidential credentials on a server.



We offer the easiest rollouts for both your users and administrators. Save expenses and frustration with our wide variety of options, including but not limited to self-guided enrollment, automatic enrollment, administrative enrollment.


Audit compliant endpoint-monitoring to enforce company standards and security requirements. Monitor iOS update status, app update status, user self-management actions and many more. We offer customized audit packages for your individual requirements.


Keep costs low and user satisfaction high with a comprehensive list of user self-management options. No need to have the administrator involved for lost or stolen phones, transfer of the account to new devices, change of password or private key and many more options.


Employ the ready-to-use SecSign ID app from the app store: No need to deal with server decisions or design decisions.
Or upgrade your brand recognition with a customized authentication experience for your user.
We offer several options to integrate your corporate design: from maximum brand recognition to simple company reference.

Your customized app

No need to hire out: We build your Two-Factor Authentication app in your corporate design based on your vision- maximum brand recognition for your customers. Our app developers offer quality work realizing your ideas. For use with your on-premise SecSign ID server.
Maximize user compliance and reduce expenses with customized onboarding and self enrollment.

Integration of the SecSign ID

We offer simple SDKs to integrate the SecSign ID in existing apps. The customization options are almost unlimited, from minimal branding to complete brand recognition.
No need for to confuse your users with two separate apps: Two-Factor Authentication can readily be integrated in your company app for an easy one-step-login.
Maximize user compliance and reduce expenses with customized onboarding and self enrollment.

Our design – your logo

The SecSign ID app stays as is but displays your logo – Simple and fast brand recognition.
Our app can communicate with various on-premise server. No need to worry about implementation, simply use your existing on-premise server with the ready-made app from the app store. Easiest setup for your convenience.

How does it work?

See for yourself how simple and easy it is to use SecSign ID


You want SSO for your Atlassian services? With the SecSign ID Crowd two-factor authentication plugin you can securely and conveniently login to all Atlassian services with just one authentication. More information are available here.

Need help?

Looking for detailed manuals to cover all the features and functionality of SecSign ID and SecSign Portal? Check out the Technical Whitepaper to access complete instructions on how to get the most out of your SecSign products.

Your own ID-Server

On premise installations of SecSign ID offer the flexibility to connect with your preferred servers, services, and devices. And you can customize the SecSign ID with your own organization’s branding.

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On Premise 2FA ID

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