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No problem! Head over to our Overview to learn more about what defines a good two-factor authentication and what advantages is has compared to other authentication methods.

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We do, too! We prepared an overview of requests between the client, server and webservice.

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Step one: Create a SecSign ID

If you already created an ID you can skip over to Step two

1. Download the SecSign app

Download and install the SecSign app

You can download the SecSign app for free at the Google Play Store (Android), the Apple App Store (iPhone and iOS), the Mac Store (Mac OS X) or download for Windows Desktop. Just download the app for free and start right away!

You'd prefer a customized solution? We offer white label solutions for the app with your custom design, or integrate all functions in an existing app with the SecSign ID SDK. Read more

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2. Open the SecSign app

Select a simple user name (this is your SecSign ID)

This will be the only input for your login. You don't need to create a complex name with numbers and special characters, a simple name is sufficient. The user name is not confidential, you can for example use your Email address or your initials.

Hint: Do you have individual requirements for your users' IDs, for example a company Email address or existing user names? We offer customized solutions for the Rollout that comply to your company standards. Contact us for more information.

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3. Follow the instructions in the app

Secure the SecSign ID on your device.

You will secure the SecSign ID on your device with the next step. With IOS (Apple) the fingerprint/FaceID protection is automatically activated. For Android devices the app automatically chooses a PIN protection. You can change those predefined settings and for example choose a PIN protection for iOS devices or activate a fingerprint protection for Android devices.

If the PIN/password protection is activated, you are now prompted to provide a PIN/Password.

Important: the PIN is never transmitted or secured outside the mobile device. It is only used to protect your app and your SecSign ID on your mobile device.
If you have a custom app you cen define the mode of access protection that your users are allowed to use.

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4. SecSign ID creation completed

You now have your own individual SecSign ID

After you followed the instructions in the app you now completed the creation of the ID and you'll be redirected to the overview in the app. This provides you with an overview of all your IDs. An overview of all app features can be found on our overview page.

Use the Demo Login to test the authentication procedure with the SecSign ID.

SecSign ID absichern
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Step two: Test the Two-Factor Authentication

This example shows the two-factor authentication procedure with the SecSign Portal login. You can also try the authentication procedure by logging in at the SecSign portal for free.

1.Enter your SecSign ID

Log in with the SecSign ID (your user name).

To use the two-factor authentication and authenticate securely online, enter your SecSign ID in the corresponding field and send it. The access pass will then be displayed in the browser.

Important: During the login, no confidential data is entered, used or transmitted at any point.


2. Look at your device

The SecSign ID app sent you a notification

You get a notification with the authentication request. Select the notification to open the SecSign ID app and select your ID.

If you did not receive a notification you can open the app and select your ID manually.

SecSign ID absichern

3. Verification

with your PIN, fingerprint or FaceID

After accepting the request you'll receive the prompt to verify your idenity. Depending on your app settings you're prompted to enter your PIN or password, or authenticate with your fingerprint or FaceID.
This will verify you as the owner of the SecSign ID.

Important:The PIN is never transmitted or secured on a server.

Hint: You can easily change your verification settings in the app by selecting "Edit" in the upper left corner and then select your ID. The Option "Private Key protection" offers you different verification settings, for example PIN or fingerprint

SecSign ID absichern

4. Select access pass

To verify your identity

Select the access pass symbol in the app that matches the one in the browser. This verifies you as the initiator of the login and the authentication is completed.
Alternatively, you can choose to login without access pass.

You successfully logged in with two-factor authentication.

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Try it yourself

If you want to try the two-factor authentication you can try the test login or use the free SecSign Portal.

SecSign ID Demo Login

See how easy it is to log in securely. Download the app and register your SecSign ID for free!

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