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Two-Factor Authentication

SecSign Blog Category

It’s official: text message-based two-factor authentication is not safe

12 Aug 2016 / 1 Comments


Should You Keep Your Business Data Out of the Cloud?

05 Jul 2015 / 0 Comments

Should You Keep Your Business Data Out of the Cloud? Analyzing the sensitivity of your data and your enterprise needs will help you determine whether it’s time to get out of the cloud and install a private cloud solution on your own servers. We’ll take a look at the types of data that you should […]


Installation of a two-step authentication with Apache

15 May 2015 / 2 Comments


Why USB Authentication Keys and Tokens are a Bad Idea

04 Jan 2015 / 0 Comments


Protect Business Data: Key Factors in Creating Strong Authentication

16 Dec 2014 / 0 Comments


Authentication Security: Why is it more important than ever?

09 Dec 2014 / 0 Comments


Improving Smart TV Security with Simpler and Stronger Authentication

12 Nov 2014 / 0 Comments


WordPress Security: Prevent Brute Force and DDoS Attacks



Killing Passwords: the Real Solution for Password Security

02 Nov 2014 / 0 Comments


Mobile Security Neglected as Google Integrates U2F Authentication

29 Oct 2014 / 0 Comments

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