SecSign ID Demo - Resource Protection

Example of our Two-Factor Authentication to secure specific resources. This system can be used to ensure that sensitive information can only be accessed by the authorized personel in possession of the second factor.

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The DEMO logins and enrollment options are examples, so you can see how convenient the enrollment and Two Factor Authentication is. Feel free to play around

Hospital Patient Data #3031
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v 1.3.6


This Demo shows how resources can be easily protected with SecSign 2FA. This is a patient portal for a hospital, where the nurse can look at the patient data, but only doctors are able to access the health records. No sensitive information are displayed.

Name John Doe
Gender male
Birthday 4/23/1986
Billing Address 123 Main St Anytown, USA
Patient ID #7986123498
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! Records are protected and can only be accessed by an authorized doctor

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