SecSign ID Demo - Payment Transaction Protection

Example of our SecSign ID 2FA used in a banking environment. Before finishing the transaction request, you can review the information on your smartphone and accept or deny the transaction. Check out Financial Solutions for more information.

Note: This is a Demo, no money will be transferred.

See how it works

The DEMO logins and enrollment options are examples, so you can see how convenient the enrollment and Two Factor Authentication is. Feel free to play around

DemoBank Account (not logged in)

Instead of a banking PIN or TAN the way more convinient Two-Factor Authentication is used to confirm the transaction. Usually, the bank sets up your online account with your credentials and your banking ID.

Note: To use this Demo, you need a SecSign ID to test this option. No ID yet? Create one in the Signup Demo

If you already have a SecSignID, you can enter it below and immediately test the transaction demo.