User Administration and Management – Authentication for all your users

We’ve been working with companies for decades and we know:

You don’t need a solution that defines the requirements, you define them. We help keeping administrative costs low and satisfaction high. With our intuitive solutions for your company workflow, easy user import with Active Directory import, LDAP import or customized import.

Rollout tailored to your needs and requirements

Don’t worry about user compliance. Fool proof user guides and individual rules for your requirements.
Avoid high-cost rollout procedures while controlling every requirement.

Every Company is different

There is no one-fit-all solution, every rollout is different. We offer rollout solutions,
tailored to your needs, convenient like staple solutions. Transform your company without interrupting your workflow.

Total control

Don’t worry about user compliance and user name confusion. Match user names to your current user management system. Predefine user names and other credentials.

User enrollment on your terms

Rollout with your own custom app or secure codes – digital or analog. Every step of the process is designed to keep administrative cost low and your data truly secure.

User import as easy as it can be

You got all the information for enrollment, no need to make it more complicated than it has to be.
Maximum security and convenience – no compromises needed

Your data on your server

Don’t worry about user compliance or spreading the word by simply linking your user management system to keep all your data on your on-premise server. No need to sync your data if you don’t want to.

Import all your data

Use our easy user import from your user management system. We offer convenient APIs for your system and intuitive import instructions.

Convenient Self-Enrollment

Easy self-enrollment for users with your specifications. You want your users to use their company ID? It’s your decision.

Identity Management perfect for all your requirements

Make the most of your user management system with integrating or synchronising your Active Directory/LDAP system with the SecSign ID. Offer secure Two-Factor Authentication for all Logins, easy SSO, user identity management and more for all your users.

* Strong Authentication with Touch ID, adaptive Authentication with IP recognition and more options available

User management system for all your needs

Control every part that is essential to your company’s security.

One management system

No more inconsistency for user authentication: unite your ID systems in our SecSign Server or add it at additional safeguard.

Eliminate weak spots

Keep control of possible security threads: Mandatory updates for old operating systems, administrative assignment of IDs, access documentation, automatic key exchange and validation.

Customized 2FA implementation

Two-Factor Authentication based on your security requirements. Authenticate your users with every login, or only if specific parameters apply. Your system – your choice.

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